Privacy and Cookie Statement

Koninklijke Capi-Lux Holding B.V., established in Amsterdam and registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under nr. 33159154, respects the privacy of its customers and visitors to its website and ensures that the personal information you provide is confidential and processed in compliance with the relevant applicable laws and regulations.

In this context, we have taken appropriate steps to secure your visit to and use of our website and to prevent abuse. Furthermore, in this Privacy & Cookie Statement we tell you how we handle your personal data and how we use cookies.

Processing of personal data

What is personal data?

Personal data is any data that can identify an individual (directly or indirectly). Personal data can therefore be a name or phone number, but also, for example, a date of birth or IP address.

Which personal data does Koninklijke Capi-Lux Holding B.V. use and why?

Koninklijke Capi-Lux Holding B.V. uses your personal data when the data has been provided by you yourself to Koninklijke Capi-Lux Holding B.V.. Consider the scenario that you sign up for a newsletter, apply for a selected position at Koninklijke Capi-Lux Holding B.V., place an order with Koninklijke Capi-Lux Holding B.V., fill in your data on a contact page or make use of our services in other ways. We process your personal data for the purpose for which we received it. Therefore, if you sign up for a newsletter, we will use your (email) address only to send you the newsletter.

Your data will never be transmitted to third parties by Koninklijke Capi-Lux Holding B.V. without your permission, unless this is necessary to carry out your request or in the event that Koninklijke Capi-Lux Holding B.V. is obliged to do so by law or regulation or a decision by a judicial authority.

What are your privacy rights?

If you do not wish to receive any (more) information about the products and services of Koninklijke Capi-Lux Holding B.V., you can let us know by sending us an email or letter. You also have the right to request that Koninklijke Capi-Lux Holding B.V. discloses, corrects or deletes your personal data.

Security of your personal data

Your personal data is strictly confidential and Koninklijke Capi-Lux Holding B.V. has appropriate technical and organizational security measures against loss or unlawful processing. For this purpose, Koninklijke Capi-Lux Holding B.V. uses additional security techniques, including secure servers, firewalls and encryption, as well as physical protection of areas where data is stored.


A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer, tablet or cell phone when you use our website. A cookie has a unique number to which data can be linked. Here you can find out more about which cookies Koninklijke Capi-Lux Holding B.V. uses and for what purpose.

The functional cookies ensure that the website is working properly. Therefore, you do not, for example, have to enter your log-in information.

The analytical cookies measure, with the help of Google Analytics programs, how many visitors come to the website, what is viewed the most, etc. For more information, please read Google’s Privacy Policy and the special Privacy Policy of Google Analytics. We use the collected statistical information to better align the website content and navigation according to the information needs of visitors as well as to improve the functioning of the website. The resulting statistics and reports cannot be traced back to individuals.

Through the social media cookies Koninklijke Capi-Lux Holding B.V. gives you the opportunity to share information on the website using social media buttons. To ensure that these buttons work, we use cookies from the social media parties represented in the social media icons. For the cookies that the social media parties use and the data that they collect from them, we refer to the statements given by these parties on their own websites. Please note that these statements are regularly modified. The website of Koninklijke Capi-Lux Holding B.V. has no influence on this.

  • Necessary cookies and scripts are necessary to guarantee a functional website. We never collect or process user data with these cookies.
  • Preferential Cookies help us save your preferences like language, location or specific settings.
  • Statistical Cookies help us analyze the pages that are visited the most, or the least. This information is anonymized before it is processed.
  • Marketing Cookies are used to show you embeds from other sites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, These cookies can alse be used to show you personalised advertisements.

Our Cookies

LinkedIn Insight Tag
Retention period: 180 days

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is a piece of lightweight JavaScript code that allows us in-depth campaign reporting and unlock valuable insights about our website visitors. With the LinkedIn Insight Tag we can track conversions, retarget website visitors, and unlock additional insights about members interacting with our ads.

LinkedIn (can) use multiple different tracking cookies:

– UserMatchHistory ( 30 days )
– li_sugr ( 3 months )
– li-oatml ( 1 month )
– li_fat_id ( 1 month )
– U ( 3 months )

For more information Visit the LinkedIn Cookue Policy.
View LinkedIn’s Privacy Policy here.
View LinkedIn’s Insight Tag Privacy & Security here.

Facebook Pixel
Retention period: 2 years
A Facebook Pixel is a tiny bit of code that allows us to monitor the activity of our visitors on this website. With this code we can quantize page views, clicks and other activities on the website. Facebook Pixel is also used to monitor the effectivity of our advertisements, to specify target demographics and to adjust our campaigns to target demographics.

Facebook (can) use multiple different tracking cookies:

- datr : ( 2 years )
- c_user ( depending on your settings in Facebook, one month or until session ends )
- fr ( 3 months )
- _fbp ( 3 months )

The Facebook Pixel collects HTTP headers, Pixel ID, Facebook Cookie in case you are logged in in Facebook, button activities and field names in forms.
For more information Visit the Facebook Pixel detail page here.
View Facebook's Privacy Policy here.
Retention period: 2 years

We use zendesk to offer you support when you need it. If you decide to contact us we will register your name and email address to contact you regarding your question.
We also store your question and our conversation history to assist you with your question should you use this service.

To read more about how Zendesk complies with EU Data protection click here.

Google Analytics
Retention period: 2 years
Google Analytics is a cookie used for analytical or statistical purposes with which we can see visitor flows and pageviews that our visitors make.

We use Google Analytics to gain insights in visitor flows, traffic flows and pageviews on our website. Google never processes your full IP-address and maintains your anonimity as much as possible. For example, we cant see what a individual visits on our website. Google can be asked to give third parties access to this data if required by law, or when third parties are allowed to process this information.

For more information about how Google Analytics uses cookies click here..

To see what settings Google uses in regard to (personalised) advertisements, click here.

_ga : expires after 2 years
_gat: expires after 2 minutes
_gid: expires after two days

How long will the cookies be stored?

Most cookies from Koninklijke Capi-Lux Holding B.V. disappear when you close the browser. Some cookies can be stored for a few days to a few years. You can remove them yourself at any time using your browser.

Removing or disabling cookies

You can remove or disable cookies yourself at any time using your browser. An explanation on how to adjust cookie settings can be found in most browsers under Help. Please note: most websites will not work properly if you disable cookies.

Changes to Privacy & Cookie Statement

Koninklijke Capi-Lux Holding B.V. reserves the right to modify this Privacy & Cookie Statement and therefore advises you to check this page regularly for any changes that have been made.


Do you have any questions or would you like more information regarding this Privacy & Cookie Statement? Please contact us using the contact information found elsewhere on this website.