Introduction of the wireless earphones of RHA - Capi

Introduction of the wireless earphones of RHA

Hoofddorp, 31 January 2019 – Capi, The Travellers Electronics Company, started the new year with the introduction of a truly wireless pair of earphones from RHA. With the campaign ‘Stay connected, all day, anywhere’, Capi offers travellers on airports high quality designed earphones that are a perfect fit for travelling.

RHA (Reid & Heath Acoustics) is a Scottish brand and stands for innovative high-quality audio products with an elegant and functional design. Their products focus on good performance without compromises. The earbuds are designed by engineers and RHA made sure to deliver exceptional audio on the go.

The earphones are presented at the Capi stores on the Action Marketing Table and the What’s New? shelf. To create added value for travellers, The Travellers Electronics Company is using a product promoter in selected stores and video content to attract the attention of shoppers. The product promoter enthuses customers with something new and demonstrate the product right away. Capi therefore offer travellers an inspiring shopping environment the moment when customers enter the store. The promotion video shows how easy and comfortable the True Wireless earphones are in use. With the video presentation on the table, Capi visually promotes products with focus on human interaction and product relevance.

Peter Wiggers, Managing Director Royal-Capi Lux: “When a customer enters our store, we want to surprise and offer them new and innovative products. RHA contributes to our goal by creating audio products with intuitive features and functional design. This matches perfectly with the needs of travellers and we ensure our promise to offer trendsetting products and brands in an inspiring shopping environment.”

The TrueConnect campaign centers around the True Wireless earphones with passive noise cancellation. The wireless earphones are perfect for travelling because they are lightweight, compact and offer outstanding sound. For the user friendliness on the go, RHA promises a market-leading 25-hour battery life. The earphones can be used for five hours and the case can charge them fully up to four times. Even for active use like sports and outdoor activities, they are convenient thanks to its IPX5 sweat, splash and weather resistance. To deliver the promise of a high comfort fit, the earphones are sold with a selection of replacement silicone and foam ear tips in three sizes.