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Capi and Renewd® Start a Partnership


Capi, the leading retailer of airport electronics and Renewd®, the leading brand of certified pre-owned equipment start a partnership. This partnership is an important step towards promoting sustainability and the circular economy in airport retail.

Schiphol Airport is delighted that the collaboration between Capi and Renewd® will take off at Schiphol Plaza, Schiphol Lounge 1 and Schiphol Lounge 2.


Renewd® distinguishes itself by offering second-life devices that meet strict standards for functionality and quality, offering travellers an environmentally friendly alternative to buying new electronics. In addition, this year marks Renewd®’s 10th anniversary not only as a milestone but also a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to reducing e-waste. According to the International Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Forum, a staggering 5.3 billion mobile phones were discarded in 2022 and this number is climbing every year.


As well as offering reliable eco-friendly devices, Renewd® is also introducing an innovative trade-in stand at Capi.  Through this collaboration, consumers can trade in their old smartphones at the stand and receive a financial benefit in return, allowing them to extend the life of their devices and reduce their environmental footprint. These devices will undergo Renewd® quality control and be given a new life.


“By partnering with Renewd®, we’re proud to offer travellers at Schiphol Airport the opportunity to make a sustainable choice without compromising quality or comfort.” said Eline Westerhof, Director Category Management & Marketing at Capi.


The impact of choosing Renewd® products and participating in the trade-in programme goes beyond the individual purchase.  Example: When trading in their old smartphone, they aren’t only avoiding e-waste in landfills, but also reducing the need for new materials and energy-intensive manufacturing processes.


“By working together, we aren’t only selling alternative electronics, but promoting a circular economy and empowering consumers to play an active role in reducing e-waste,” says Georgina Lira, Head of Marketing & Branding at Renewd®.


Capi is proud to be the first and only store in the Netherlands to offer consumers at airports the opportunity to hand in their old devices and have access to environmentally friendly alternatives. Starting today with Schiphol and following with an exclusive agreement with Renewd® for other shops at the remaining European airports, this initiative underlines Capi’s commitment to leading the way in sustainable retail practices and offering travellers a meaningful choice that aligns with their values.


For more information about Capi, please visit Capi and for Renewd®, please visit Renewd.


About Renewd®
Renewd® is the world’s best green alternative for reliable and high-quality second-life appliances with the aim of reducing global e-waste and environmental footprint by making sustainable choices more affordable. Renewd® gives devices a second life to create a more sustainable future for people and the planet. It does this by selling used products that undergo rigorous testing and come with a warranty. Renewd® products are available from retailers, distributors, operators and resellers across Europe.

About Capi
Capi is the leading airport retailer, offering the best selection of consumer electronics available. We are represented worldwide with more than 50 stores at 21 airports. Our range consists of premium and leading A-brands that offer the most innovative products such as: headphones, smartphones, travel accessories, personal care and gadgets.

Photo: Capi and Renewd® Partnership.

From left to right: Eline Westerhof – Director Category Management & Marketing Capi, Ferdi Pas – Account Manager Benelux Renewd, Georgina Lira – Head Marketing & Branding Renewd, Marieke Eestermans – a.i. Head of Marketing Capi