Capi opens new flagship store at Schiphol Airport - Capi

Capi opens new flagship store at Schiphol Airport

Customer experience central to innovative and interactive store concept for consumer electronics

Yesterday, airport retailer Capi officially opened the doors of its largest store at Schiphol Airport, in the renovated Lounge 1. Here travelers can find the best selection of consumer electronics, travel accessories, personal care and gadgets. Customer experience is central to the new store concept. As a result, Capi fits in seamlessly with the renovation of Lounge 1 and its focus on sustainability, expansion and an optimal experience for travelers.

The renovation of Lounge 1 started last year and aims to improve the travel experience. Capi has been the leading electronics retailer at Schiphol Airport for years and was given a new location in the lounge as part of the renovation. “Putting the traveler’s experience first is fully in line with our latest store concept,” says Managing Director Guus Jonge Poerink. “We already rolled out the concept abroad, but we see our largest store at Schiphol Airport as our European flagship store. That is why we are proud to introduce this store concept here as well. We understand the needs and expectations of today’s travelers, and our new store provides the unique shopping experience they are looking for.”

Experience and interaction
“We want to excite the customer,” says Eline Westerhof, Director Category Management & Marketing. “We highlight our brands with innovative product presentations and interactive displays. So-called pulse points put their products in the spotlight and invite interaction. Just like the headphone bar, where customers can take a moment to test the latest high-end headphones.” The store also offers opportunities for shop-in-shop concepts and branded campaigns. “During the opening weeks, we are launching exciting campagins with audio brands JBL, Bose and Toniebox and personal care brand Shark,” says Marketing Manager Leonie de Vries. “We are especially thrilled about our campaign with Marshall. Customers can experience the unique Marshall sound quality in a soundproof Mini Cooper, located in the middle of the store. An interactive way to discover sound systems!”

Focus on convenience
Next to providing a unique shopping experience, Capi’s focus is on convenience. Thanks to the store’s clear layout, customers can easily find the right product. “Capi opened its first store at Schiphol Airport Lounge 1 in 2007,” explains Lennart Beekman, Retail Sales Director. “The renovation of Lounge 1 offered us the perfect opportunity to transform our store. The store now has a fresh and light interior with wooden accents and rounded shapes. The certified sustainable floor was made in the Netherlands.”

The new store is located in Lounge 1, after security and is open daily from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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Photo: Store opening Capi at Schiphol Airport Lounge 1.

From left to right: Guus Jonge Poerink, Managing Director Capi | Peter Beijer, Shop Manager Capi Store Lounge 1 | Arthur Reijnhart, Director Schiphol Commercial