Capi introduces unique retail concept for regional airports - Capi

Capi introduces unique retail concept for regional airports

Hoofddorp, 25 April 2019 – Royal Capi-Lux (‘’Capi’’), the airport retail brand of B&S Group, extended their strategy and has developed a multi-category store concept focused on regional airports. The concept was launched beginning of April with the re-opening of the travel store at Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands.

The store concept with multiple categories and focus on regional travellers is the result of Capi’s travel retail experience combined with the Consumer Goods expertise of B&S Group. The new concept responds perfectly to the characteristics of typical buying behaviour at regional airports, as Capi’s consumer psychologist found out. At the same time, the opening of the first store at Eindhoven Airport responds to the airports’ ambition to continuously optimize the quality of the airport and to ensure a memorable travel experience.

Peter Wiggers, Managing Director Royal-Capi Lux: ‘’We are proud to launch this new retail concept that serves travellers at regional airports perfectly. Since Capi is a well-known electronics brand within the airport retail industry, we have chosen to expand the Capi brand with the new Travel Plaza and Travel Luxury concept. The store concept consists of multiple factors to entertain and inspire travellers during their dwell time at the airport. It can be easily applied to other airports and its modular set up optimally responds to everchanging customer needs and local wishes’’.

The new Capi concept focuses on a high instore entertainment factor to inspire leisure travellers at regional airports, therewith responding to their stress-free mood and search for entertainment to fulfil their dwell time. The several event spaces are designed for the ultimate traveller experience, with instore product presentations, tastings and demonstrations, augmented reality experiences and a dedicated kid’s corner for family entertainment. The local heritage pillar customizes each store to match the regional airport character.

The first Capi store with this concept at Eindhoven Airport, is a walk-through right after security-check on the way to the gate and combines two experiences: Capi Travel Plaza and Capi Travel Luxury. Each product category has its own ambiance yet connected through the stores’ shopping route. Capi Travel Plaza focusses on accessibility of ‘goods on the go’ such as books, liquors, perfumes, confectionary and consumer electronics. Capi Travel Luxury represents allure and focusses on customer service with a high-end assortment of jewellery, watches, bags and sunglasses. The exit of Capi Travel Plaza is twice as big as the entrance and as appealing to enter as the entrance. This factor ensures a high accessibility in inviting passengers that have left the store to come back in.

Research shows that Capi is a well-known brand within the airport retail industry, the store concept is recognizable in every corner of the world. Combining this with the modular and versatile store set-up, Capi has developed a multi-category concept that is ready for further roll-out and ensures continued relevance in airport retail now and in the future.