About Capi

Leading airport retailer in electronics

We are a dedicated niche player in the electronics market with years of experience in airport retailing. In contrast to other electronic retailers, we are specialized in the duty free and travel market of international and national airports, cruise liners and ferries & military and borders shops.

Our assortment consists of premium and leading A brands offering the most innovative products like headphones, smartphones, travel accessories, personal care and gadgets.

With every visit, travellers will be surprised with continuous innovation, frequent product launches and exclusive gadgets.

We offer air travellers a focused range of electronic consumer lifestyle products and accessories. Our aim is to create inspiring shopping experiences and outperform our competitors on price and product innovation. By doing so we support airports in providing an attractive and inspiring shopping environment for travellers.

Years of experience

The photographer C.A.P. (Kees) Iven is the founder of what is called Capi-Lux today. He opened his first specialist photography shop on 1 May 1894 in the city of Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The company offered photographic equipment, supplies and services to professional and amateur photographers alike. And for many years, Capi had stores in cities across the Netherlands. During the last few decades, the company began to focus solely on airport retail. Over time, Capi-Lux (‘Capi’) has made a successful transition from traditional photography to a full assortment of electronics.

Today, we are headquartered in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands and are active with 50 airport stores throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

    • Abu Dhabi International Airport (United Arab Emirates)
    • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (The Netherlands)
    • Barcelona-El Prat Airport (Spain)
    • Berlin Brandenburg Airport (Germany)
    • Bremen Airport (Germany)
    • Brussels Airport (Belgium)
    • Cape Town International Airport (South-Africa)
    • Copenhagen Airport (Denmark)
    • Doha Hamad International Airport (Qatar)
    • Eindhoven Airport (The Netherlands)
    • Frankfurt Airport (Germany)
    • Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (Finland)
    • Johannesburg International Airport (South Africa)
    • Malaga Aiport (Spain)
    • Munich International Airport (Germany)
    • Oslo Airport (Norway)
    • Palma de Mallorca Aiport (Spain)
    • Rotterdam The Hague Airport (The Netherlands)
    • Venice Marco Polo Airport (Italy)
    • Vienna Airport (Austria)
    • Zürich Airport (Switzerland)

Retail concept

Our proven retail concept is especially developed for the traveller to easily find the products they are looking for. The concept consists of:

Member of the B&S Group

Capi-Lux (Capi) is part of B&S Group, a global distribution partner for consumer goods in attractive channels and across specialised markets, such as Retail B2B (business-to-business), Maritime, Remote and Retail B2C (business-to-consumer).

The Group serves as a trusted and reliable partner to suppliers and customers, providing essential distribution services and solving their supply chain complexities. The Group acquired Capi in 2012, therewith expanding its role in the value chain by adding specialty retail (B2C) at high traffic airports to its portfolio. Capi complements the distribution offering of B&S Group and at the same time benefits from the scale and centralised backbone of the Group.

About B&S
Capi is always looking for new ways to offer customers the latest innovations in an inspiring, exciting shopping environment.
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