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About Capi

We are the leading airport retailer and offers the best selection of consumer electronics available. We are globally represented with more than 40 stores at 21 airports. Our assortment consists of premium and leading A brands offering the most innovative products like: headphones, smartphones, travel accessories, personal care and gadgets.


Member of the B&S Group

Capi-Lux (Capi) is part of B&S Group, a global distribution partner for consumer goods in attractive channels and across specialised markets, such as retail B2B (business-to-business), maritime, remote and retail B2C (business-to-consumer).

The Group serves as a trusted and reliable partner to suppliers and customers, providing essential distribution services and solving their supply chain complexities. The Group acquired Capi in 2012, therewith expanding its role in the value chain by adding specialty retail (B2C) at high traffic airports to its portfolio. Capi complements the distribution offering of B&S Group and at the same time benefits from the scale and centralised backbone of the Group.

The portfolio of internationally renowned and exciting brands Capi represents, adds to the inspiring, modern airport environment that we strive for
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