Capi The Travellers Electronics Company

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  1. Win a Samsung camera and tablet!
  2. Suunto Core All Black is a Special Offer
  3. Special Offer: Beats Solo HD

Special Offer
Suunto Core
All Black

Essential outdoor functions in a light plastic case, all black elastometer strap

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Special Offer
Solo HD

Beats Solo HD headphones are made to be a lighter, on-ear version of Studios.

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Welcome to the world of Capi The Travellers Electronics Company

With more than 55 years of experience, Capi - The Travellers Electronics Company - is a leader in airport retailing. With over 25 shops in five countries we offer a portfolio of electronics aimed at the demanding traveller. We are part of B&S International bv, a multinational specializing in wholesale and distribution solutions of luxury and fast-moving consumer goods in niche markets all over the world. We have partnerships with all leading electronics brands worldwide.